Frequent Flower Club

We all know that flowers brighten a home and lift the spirits!  What's even better than that?  Discounted flowers and free delivery!  If you send flowers 3 or more times per year, then this is for you!  We hand-select the most beautiful, seasonal blooms we can find and create something unique every time.  All deliveries come arranged in a vase or container and feature in-season flowers.  

Options:  pay as you go, or pay upfront

Frequency:  Monthly, Biweekly, or on specific dates (ex. birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, etc)

Preferences/Customization: Looking for something specific?  Send us a text or email and we will do our best to accommodate any requests for specific flowers and colors.  Try to give us a heads up about a week early!
Skipping a Delivery:  If you would like to skip a delivery and reschedule it for another date, simply send us a text message or email and we'll have it delivered on the date of your choosing.  This is perfect if you will be out of town or on vacation during the scheduled delivery date.
Multiple Recipients:  If you are trying to send a subscription to multiple recipients (i.e. wife, mom, friend), please contact us by text or email and let us know which deliveries go to which recipient and address.
Changing/Adding a Card Message:  If you would like to add or change the message on the card for a particular delivery, please send us a text or email and we'll update the order for you.
Cancellations:  You may cancel at any time and will be refunded for any future deliveries.  Please keep in mind that the free delivery discount is offered for orders of three or more deliveries. This means that if you cancel before the third delivery, you will lose the free delivery discount ($10 per delivery), which will be subtracted from your refund.  We also offer an additional 10% off for ordering six or more deliveries.  If you cancel before the 6th delivery, you will receive a refund for all future deliveries minus the 10% discount.


** We designed the program to reward our frequent customers with discounts on their orders.  We try to make this as flexible as possible, so if you have any other requests please contact us and we will do our best to make it happen! **  







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