Pink Lemonade Bath Bomb

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Leebrick Bath and Body.   Available for pickup/delivery with your flower order. 


Refresh your skin with a splash of our Pink Lemonade Bath Bomb. Just like the neighborhood stand on the street corner, treat yourself to a cool pick-me-up! Make your taste buds envious, all while soothing your skin with avocado oil and revitalizing salts.

  • One round bath bomb 
  • Typically Floats, spins, and foams
  • Softens and typically colors your water
  • Relaxing spa-like experience
  • Scent stays on skin
  • Skin-loving ingredients
  • Large 5 oz. size — about the size of a baseball
  • Comes shrink wrapped to protect and keep it fresh
  • Made in small batches — better quality!
  • Actual colors may vary
  • Pretty packaging ready for gifting

How to Use:

  1. Drop into bathtub full of water
  2. Sink into the pretty foam 
  3. Take in all the oils, scents and colors
  4. Relax (an “Aaaah” is totally acceptable here)

Ingredients:  Sodium bicarbonate, Epsom salt, citric acid, avocado oil, polysorbate 80, Kaolin clay, SLSA, Paraben-free skin safe Fragrance, FDA approved colors.